Month: June 2017

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Dearest Liver

Sorry for the long break in the posting . Things in my world have been a little complicated. I have, however, been able to raise over $2600 in my tee shirt campaign which supports Dr. Rugo’s research fund.

On October 16, 2016 I got married. I made most of the paper flowers that we used for the wedding. The wedding was the best day of my life! I definitely married the best person in the world. A few days after the wedding, I had a procedure on my liver called TACE where the blood supply  to a small part of the liver is blocked with chemo therapy beads. The procedure nearly killed me, but once recovered, was able to take a few trips even though I was put back on IV chemo.

I stopped IV chemo in February. Then I took a fantastic two-week trip to Europe. I got to see much of the art that I studied in college. Another check off my bucket list! I fell in love with the art a little bit more. When I returned, I tried several different oral chemos, none of which worked. They gave me more side effects than effective shrinkage of my tumor. About eight weeks ago I stopped taking any oral chemo drugs because they were ineffective in slowing the progression of my tumor, but were very effective in making me sick. Since that time I have gone into progressive liver failure which included jaundice, massive liver enlargement causing severe pain, swelling in my abdomen and legs, and mental confusion. I have stopped communicating with most people. This gives the impression of being antisocial. I want everyone to know that I loved and appreciated your contact, but I was physically and mentally unable to communicate with you.

Thanks for all of your love and support over the years. It has meant the world to me.

It was important to Robin to provide a place where her friends and family could gather together and share our favorite memories. 

Please use the comments section of that post to share your thoughts, feelings, memories, and anything that reminds you of our girl Robin.