Dearest Liver,

I was given a small break from my chemo last week. Despite my two neupogen shots, my blood counts were too low for chemo. I also suspect that the addition of the neuropathy helped my case for a break. I have been feeling like I never fully bounce back lately as well. The exhaustion is overwhelming. Granted I probably don’t sleep enough hours, but having to be at work at 7:30 am doesn’t make it easy.

Instead of chemo I had my 3 cycle CT and found out that the tumor in you was a little smaller again! Not the 50% decrease that I had the last time, but still, smaller is smaller! Now I’m waiting to see what my doc wants to do next time. I’m being tested for a new study and there are some other options on the table. I have a feeling I’ll be back on chemo for a little bit next week, but at least I got a tiny break.

I took 2 days off to hangout with my parents who were visiting (the first days off I’ve taken since last July!) and then was rewarded with 2 extra weeks off of chemo, which gave me a nice weekend with my girls from the east coast. I thought I’d be sick from chemo and that we’d be stuck in my apartment watching cheesy dance movies all weekend, but we were able to spend time outside in the nice weather.

Here are a few photos of my nice mini break!

Love and kisses,


2015-02-05 14.49.40-1 2015-02-14 15.27.16-2 2015-02-15 19.48.35

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