Bucket List

Dearest Liver,

Clearly my meltdown tonight is driving me to write two posts. This one I intend to update and hopefully check somethings off of. Maybe I’ll even make it a new section.

I’ve never officially had a bucket list, but why not start one right? I’m not really sure how to break this down, so let me know if I should organize it better. None of these are in any order of importance…


  • Germany – for work with my new job, but also to see the Foeldi clinic (which will be explained more later)
  • Australia – because it looks amazing, but also to visit my awesome friend Stef.
  • New Zealand – it’s close to Australia, but I’m also losing some of my best friends/honestly more like family members to there in a few weeks, and I want to see what life is like for them in their new home!
  • Japan – it’s always high on my list.
  • All of Europe. I want to see museums, where the masters actually stood to be inspired, beautiful scenery, and be a part of history until my heart is full of beauty and my stomach is full of amazing foods.
  • Tahiti – I want to stay in a cottage on stilts over water, especially one with class floors so I can see the fish swimming beneath me.
  • I want to go to that island where you can swim with pigs.
  • I want to eat all of my favorite Asian foods in their native countries, I want to see beautiful temples and history.
  • Egypt – Egyptian history has always fascinated me and I want to see it up close and personal.

Personal Goals:

  • I want to have my lymphedema treated by Ethel Foeldi at the Foeldi clinic in Germany. Even just for a minute.
  • I want to finish building a project that I am proud of.
  • I want to spread lymphedema awareness globally so that patients get diagnosed and get treated when they should be,
  • I want to TALK ABOUT LYMPHEDEMA ON THE ELLEN SHOW! And if it’s not me, maybe Kathy Bates can do it for me?
  • I want to thank Kathy Bates for being the first celebrity EVER to talk about lymphedema publicly. She will get much further than I ever would.
  • I want to be part of a study that will one day save someone else from this horrific fate.
  • I want to be on the board of an org I believe in.

Life Experiences:

  • I want someone to love me, even though I’m damaged goods.  (I’m counting my wonderful, beautiful, amazing life partner Erin for this. She loves me unconditionally and has even made us amazing wooden engagement rings so that we can get married!)
  • I want to fly. I’m crossing this one off b/c my girl Jill took me skydiving and it’s about the closest I think I’ll ever come.
  • I want to go to the Hall of Fame induction for Ray Lewis, with VIP passes to the events. (2018)
  • I want to wake up refreshed one day after sleeping. Without taking awake drugs.
  • I want to be an old lady in a Chanel suit that goes to lunch to plan some charity event.
  • I want to live long enough to see an actual cure for cancer. I want my doc to call me one day and make me cry for hours b/c of the good news she told me. I want to fly to Baltimore and tell my mom in person, and cry together.
  • I want to remove my messed up port knowing I’ll never need it again, knowing that chemo was a thing of my past.
  • I want a house in the forrest in Sonoma County, a house on a warm beach, and a condo in at least 3 major cities worldwide.

There must be more, since my professional section seems to take up more than my life experiences section, but I’ll update as I think of things.


  1. helensamia says:

    The mire we write about Lymphoedema the more I hope people will understand… Yes we need more like Kathy Bates…. Cancer is bad enough without the extra side effects of treatment …

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