Tumor Markers are taking a nose dive!

Finally, things are going in the right direction!

Dearest Liver,

The last two treatments haven’t been so bad to me, so I wanted to share these good results with you! Your functions have all been in a normal range for 2 treatments in a row now. My doctor and nurse practitioners are all very excited about your progress and I find it easier to put up with feeling sort of sick when I can see good results! It’s only 2 days post chemo and it’s way past my bedtime, so I’m going to keep this short and just share my results in the charts that MyChart provides me!

Either way, keep up the good work liver! You’re making mama proud! AND Sheila promised me that we can schedule my half a drink to celebrate.

p.s. my tumor markers have been steadily falling as well, so I’m throwing that chart in for good measure as well.

Love and kisses,


liver1_11-20-14 liver2_11-20-14 liver3_11-20-14

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