I never thought I would be a blogger 

Dearest Liver,

When I was first diagnosed with cancer in 2005 everyone told me that I should make a blog. I was in a much different head space the first time around and didn’t see how it would help me. Then I was diagnosed with metastatic cancer 2 years ago and everything changed. I was struggling with a way to cope and decided to give this a try. It seemed like a good way to vent my thoughts and spare my family and friends from having to talk about my cancer all of the time.

For the first few months only my mom and my friend Katie were reading it, and felt nice to have a sort of release. Then a few people found my blog, liked it, and gave me a little positive feedback and now I’m hooked. I might now be writing as much as I want to, but I’m hoping to change that. I’m even thinking about going back and writing about some of my experiences the first time through. So stay tuned for that! Maybe by expressing some of what I went through the first time I’ll be able to better process it and use it this time through.

The funniest part is, for someone who wasn’t into blogs, I now have a second blog dealing exclusively with my lymphedema. So I’m splitting my blog time a little here, I hope you don’t get jealous, dearest liver. I think it’ll be good. You can read that one too if you want! www.lifewithlymphedema.com

Love and kisses,



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