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Dearest Liver

Sorry for the long break in the posting . Things in my world have been a little complicated. I have, however, been able to raise over $2600 in my tee shirt campaign which supports Dr. Rugo’s research fund.

On October 16, 2016 I got married. I made most of the paper flowers that we used for the wedding. The wedding was the best day of my life! I definitely married the best person in the world. A few days after the wedding, I had a procedure on my liver called TACE where the blood supply  to a small part of the liver is blocked with chemo therapy beads. The procedure nearly killed me, but once recovered, was able to take a few trips even though I was put back on IV chemo.

I stopped IV chemo in February. Then I took a fantastic two-week trip to Europe. I got to see much of the art that I studied in college. Another check off my bucket list! I fell in love with the art a little bit more. When I returned, I tried several different oral chemos, none of which worked. They gave me more side effects than effective shrinkage of my tumor. About eight weeks ago I stopped taking any oral chemo drugs because they were ineffective in slowing the progression of my tumor, but were very effective in making me sick. Since that time I have gone into progressive liver failure which included jaundice, massive liver enlargement causing severe pain, swelling in my abdomen and legs, and mental confusion. I have stopped communicating with most people. This gives the impression of being antisocial. I want everyone to know that I loved and appreciated your contact, but I was physically and mentally unable to communicate with you.

Thanks for all of your love and support over the years. It has meant the world to me.

It was important to Robin to provide a place where her friends and family could gather together and share our favorite memories. 

Please use the comments section of that post to share your thoughts, feelings, memories, and anything that reminds you of our girl Robin.


  1. Julie S says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Robin. I met her during chemo. At the time, I was wearing a puffy British crown to cover my bald head. I remember Robin smiling, telling me she had a tiara and she would wear it next time to match. Robin also had birthday cake her mom had sent her, which she was clearly pleased to have, and offered me some. The last time I saw her, I had developed lymphedema and she was incredibly generous with her time, advice and contacts. She is one of the bright memories from a difficult time, a dear person and a strong spirit. I am grateful to have known her.

  2. Neda says:

    I saw Robin in the waiting area of Dr. Rugo’s practice at UCSF in April 2017. I was just diagnosed with breast cancer after being misdiagnosed for over a year. I couldn’t trust any doctor anymore. Robin told me that Dr. Rugo is the best and saved her life. She said that she sold shirts to support her with her research fund. She advised me just to stick with Dr.Rugo she is the best. It’s end of October now and few days ago she came to my mind. I got so sad as I just found out she passed away :(( I wanted to find her and get connected to her.
    Rest In Peace Robin😓

  3. Wade says:


    I have known you for many years, and your passion and zeal for life, and your determination to maximize life even facing such severe medical condition at such a young age — you are an amazing person! I say “are”, because I see you up in heaven now – free from the cancer and all the pain and suffering and limitations that affected your life so much. I prayed for you daily with my kids for many years. I know you are in a better place now. I feel I am a better person for having known you. Your courage and determination to make the world a better place through lymphedema education and advocacy is an inspiration to all of us to maximize our short days on this earth. While you were taken way before your time, the reality is, in the grand scheme of time and history, we are all but mere specks of dust with numbered days, even if we live to be 110! So carpe diem everyone, and make a positive difference in this world, and burn bright with your life — and keep Robin’s memory alive in how you handle life’s challenges and opportunities!

    • Rebecca Soll says:

      I miss you. So much. And I think about you every day.

      Right now i’m re-listening to all of the Twilight books in your honor. It’s so much fun to remember reading them for the first time, sending you chats about my progress and what was happening in the plot, all the uses of “russet” and “chagrin”.
      i’m halfway through New Moon and UGH. so much whining. I just want to text you about it, so we can laugh and make fun like we always did.

      Love you forever <3
      - Becky

    • Rebecca Soll says:

      It’s been a while but I think about you all the time. So many things remind me of you. Just started crying while watching Sunday Morning. Miss you so much ❤️

  4. Lindsey Lustig says:

    Dear Robin’s Loved Ones,

    I was one of Robin’s (or Robino, as I called her) floor mates Freshman year at Drexel University. Robino had a spunk for life that has left an impression on me to this day. She used to wear parachute pants exclusively that year, an ode to her party days in Baltimore I suppose, with the occasional cat tail attached to the back. She had beautiful long dark hair and a mischievous smile. She could be serious or silly or cynical depending on the day. She loved her computer and design. She met Anni Tacchino that year and I remember they were fast friends. I used to enjoy popping my head into Robino’s room to see what she was up to and usually finding her creating something interesting.

    I have enjoyed reading her blog and viewing her pictures on this site. It has inspired me to enjoy life more. Because of Robin I am living my life with more joy and appreciation. She has dealt with such suffering, yet found a way to enjoy so many wonderful moments with her family and loved ones. My heart aches for her family and loved ones so much. I send you all vibes of peace and healing often through this difficult time of loss. Last Sunday a candle was lit at Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Greenville, South Carolina in honor of Robin and to wish peace to all of her family and loved ones.

    • Rebecca Soll says:

      Hey Lindsey, I just discovered your comment had been flagged and not automatically published when you posted it. So sorry about that! I was supposed to get an alert if that happened, and I didn’t, though i’ve fixed the issue. You’ll see it appears now. Thank you so much for participating <3

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