You Ruin Everything

Dearest Liver,

Thanks to you I had the worst week/weekend. I had a large dose of chemo and a stupid flu shot on Tuesday, the first of 2 Neupogen shots on Wed, a fever resulting in a 7 hr stay in the worst ER ever Thursday night into Friday morning, and then my second shot of Neupogen on Friday.  So most of my week/weekend was filled with me feeling sick, flu-like, weak, tired, painful, and nauseous.

This weekend was supposed to be all about my good friends Katie and Scott and their awesome wedding festivities. I missed out on the bridal nail party on Thursday (you should know better than to mess with me and my nail time) and almost didn’t make it to the wedding on Sat. I luckily managed to suck it up, medicate the hell out of myself and still make it to their beautiful wedding, but I wasn’t at my best. I had to toast them on sparkling cider instead of champagne (which isn’t even close), barely got to enjoy the food since I was queasy and only got to dance a little bit, even though I wanted to be running around having a great time like everyone else.

I am very happy that I was still able to be there and watch everything, but I’m calling bullshit. Bullshit on you, on this whole fucking situation, and every drop of poison that gets pumped into my veins to try to cure you. You made me drink water at a fucking winery. For that alone I hope you rot in hell.

Sorry for my lack of positivity tonight, but honestly, FUCK YOU LIVER! I’m over you and this cancer bullshit.

Fuck you very much,


Pictures from the wedding:

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